Fire Fighting Containers

By taking advantage of many years of experience in the field of fabrication of fire fighting packages, Nebras Pumps Mfg. Co. is able to install all the equipment of the pumping station inside a container. Fire fighting containers could be installed in power plants, refineries, petrochemical complexes or elsewhere. The advantage of these pumping stations is that there is no need for a building and all the equipment including piping system, motors, pumps, control panels, etc. are installed inside the container which takes a little space.

The components of the fire fighting container are as follows:

1- Electric motor or diesel engine

2- Power transmission systems

3- Fire fighting main pumps

4- Piping system

5- Valves

6- Flow meter

7- Air conditioning system

8- Lighting system inside the container

9- Fire alarm and fire fighting system

10- Jockey pumps

11- Instrumentation system

12- Control panels, switch gears and distribution panel

13- Relief valve in the piping system

14- Fuel tank for diesel engines

Nebras Pumps Mfg. Co. is completely capable of design and manufacturing of containerized fire fighting packages based on client specifications, in accordance with NFPA20 standard and FM/UL approval. It is worth mentioning that the above mentioned containers have been used in different power plants. By taking advantage of its experienced personnel, Nebras Co. is able to render services for installation, commissioning and repairing of all the equipment inside the containers.