• Specifications: Vertical turbine pumps, single-stage or multi-stage with different lengths based on client’s request
  • Capacity: 50-50000 m3/h
  • Heads: 25-225 mlc
  • Application: Fire fighting, Cooling system, Water supply and transfer
  • Standards: NFPA20, FM/UL and API 610
  • Liquids pumped: Fresh water, sea water or equivalent

Nebras Pumps Mfg. Co. manufactures and designs an extensive range of VTP pumps based on client’s request.

This type of pump is manufactured in the form of single-stage or multi-stage and with different lengths.

The most common application of these pumps is in fire fighting systems, sea and river water intake and cooling systems. These pumps are also used for water supply systems from rivers to cities and farms.

E-motors are installed top mounted and as dry pit design vertically or horizontally.

Long life-time and high efficiency are considered as advantages of these VTP-type pumps.

VTP pumps are manufactured with different materials for different functions.

Nebras Co. can produce and supply all materials listed in the latest edition of API610 standard.